So, I am the type of person who will bring three books on a backpacking holiday (the Wild Truth; One step at the time; and Guantánamo Diary – of which I only finished the first) and then decides she needs that one book standing in a shop window that suddenly speaks to her. So, logging around four books would be the price I paid for reading this thriller. A price well worth it.

During the first 12-hour flight to Bangkok, I read about half the book and although the starting was slow, I was completely hooked by the time we landed. The story centres around three women who in some way, are all connected to the case of a missing woman. Neither of these women are very likeable or even reliable in the telling of their tales, but I still felt like they were more real than many women I’ve read about in so-called “chicklits”. They are women with faults and struggles and the consequences of their actions are not sugar-coated.

Combine this with a thrilling whodunit and you have the perfect holiday read. Because I could spot who’d commited the crime about halfway through the book, it wasn’t as exciting to finish as it was to start, but still good enough to read whilst enjoying the sunshine on the paradise of Koh Tao.

All in all, not a book for quotes (the writing itself was not that amazing), but an enjoyable read during your holidays!





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