Traveller, writer, foodie, feminist who loves books. How I wish this would sum me up. But really, I am simply aspiring to do and be all of the above.

Except the books – I don’t aspire to love books, I love books!

Really, I am a Dutch woman (girl? woman? when do you stop being one and become the other?) and I love so many things.

I love the crispy cold air on an autumn afternoon. I love coffee. I love to dream. I love the taste of strawberries and the smell of a barbecue on a summer evening. I love comfort and I love comfort even more after some discomfort. I love to run. I love to see new places and meet new people. I also love to be alone with a cup of tea and a good book on a rainy morning. I love my boyfriend Erik. I love adventures, big and small, and I love books (did I mention books already? And travel?).

But mostly, I love to learn. New things, new insights and new skills. I want to push myself, always – almost. And writing is my latest obsession. So really, this blog is me, jumping into the deep scary pool of learning by doing.

Care to help me stay afloat and to have me learn this amazing new skill of telling stories? Please, have a look around at the various posts and tell me what you think.