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Off on our magical African adventure

11 November 2017

And we’re off! Our bags are packed, our house is cleaned and the door has been closed. For the next seven weeks we’ll be travelling through Southern Africa!

Last night, I didn’t sleep well. Too many thoughts, too many lists, too many dreams, big and small – and hopefully not the Lariam messing with my nights. I woke up early. Too early. And too awake to remain in the cocon created by my bed and Eriks arms.

So I got up into a still silent world. The only disruption to the morning hours the sound of wheels driving on wet asphalt and the metallic rumblings of the first trams taking a few people back home. It’s a dreary morning. No birds, no romantic pattering rain on leafs that have long since left their branches an no pink streaks telling me what a beautiful day it will be.

There are only different shades of grey. Light enough to show that it is indeed morning and dark enough to tell of a rainy November day. A day where I should be hiding in myself. Crawling away from everything. Folding myself into myself to remain insulated from the approaching  winter. Not at all the kind of day to stand tall and proudly proclaim to the world that it is time for another adventure.

And yet, that is exactly what I am doing today. Rising tall, backpack strapped to my back. All the possessions I will take with me reduced to a 55L space. Off on a long awaited, beautiful, magical, big adventure. Filling our hearts with new memories. Chasing moments that will leave permanent marks on our hearts and finding beauty in the moments between the road and sleep. The beauty and love more intens because of the inconveniences we’ll encounter.

Nothing left to do now but board a plain, fly through a starry night and wake up under the Zanzibar sun!

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  • Reply Roelie Polet-Roskam 11 November 2017 at 20:28

    Love your first story full with emotions. That’s my daughter and one of the romantic restless souls, so many in the family of my father. Enjoy, love, keep travelling and tell to everyone your beautiful stories. Mam

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