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Skydiving Swakopmund

27 February 2018

Some places warm your heart with their beauty. Others with the amazing street food, great museums or the people you meet there. And there are some places you will never forget for the incredible experiences. Adrenaline fuelled experiences that is. Swakopmund definitely fits the last category.

Located in the middle of the desert and on the beach (yes, I didn’t know it existed either), this little town may seem sleepy on a Sunday afternoon, but make no mistake. Some crazy ass families live here. And we decided to go skydiving with them.

We arrive after visiting a bunch of baby seals. A bunch of loud smelling and strangely not so cute seals. It’s a Sunday and it’s a very quiet day. We see a few people, but most shops are closed and as a consequence, there’s not many people around. We head to the beach, walk around a little market and find an open store to do some “secret Santa shopping”.

The town looks very familiar. The architecture is mostly European and for the first time in weeks we are actually in a city for a little while. We haven’t been in a city for such a long time and I’ve loved being in nature so much that being in a city seems less like “me” than it did before.

The town also feels a little weird. When I look down the streets I can see them ending in the dessert. Right at the edge, the dessert begins and although this is normal here, it feels a little impossible. And then there’s the people. We’ve gotten used to hearing different African languages. Maybe a bit of English and some Afrikaans. But here, every single white person we encounter, speaks German. Swakopmund being a former German colonial village, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but instead it just ads to the incongruities of the village.

And then there’s really only one thing I want to do here in this quiet sleepy town: skydive. So, the next morning we are taken to a tiny airport to make this dream come true. After hours and hours of waiting, and seeing more and more people excitedly land on the ground again, we are finally taken up.


Some experiences are so unique, there is no real way to explain what it feels like. Seeing the love of your life diving headfirst out of an airplane is one of them. Jumping out of the airplane yourself another.

Adrenaline flooding my system, the wind raging in my ears and falling without really feeling it. I simply squeal in joy. Gazing at the strange angle of the globe, spinning around and around and finally feeling the slight pull of the parachute. It’s an amazing experience and one I’d recommend anyone crazy enough to attempt it!





Putting both feet back on the ground, all I want to do is take Erik into my arms to make sure he’s truly here as well and then go celebrate our jump. As we do. By watching our crazy guide jump out of the plane and then having a beer with the crazy people doing this for a living. Knowing I’ll remember this city the rest of my live, not because of its innate beauty or amazing cuisine. But because I fucking jumped out of a plane! Whoohoo!!


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