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Weekend getaways

Fes felicitations

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a wanderlusterer with a birthday coming up, must be in want of a destination. Celebrating birthdays is, as we all know, best done by travelling. Some people, like myself, may opt for new and dramatic landscapes. Visiting…

30 June 2019
Travel Weekend getaways

Friendship in Barcelona

Rebecca and I have known each other for over seventeen years. We were just children when we met. We’ve grown from unsure tweens, through awkward teenagers and worldly yet naive students all the way into our late-twenties and here we are. Still close as…

4 May 2019
Travel Weekend getaways

Texel trial run

We are going to Patagonia! It is going to be amazing. We are going to see such pristine landscapes, beautiful mountains and we are going to hike. For eight days. And then maybe four more. With everything in our backpacks. No buses, not carriers.…

1 January 2019
Japan 2018 Travel

Tokyo times

From the tranquillity of the Kumano Kodo area, we take a bullet train to Tokyo. The sound of the birds and the wind in the trees disappear and instead we are assaulted by different electronic bleebs of every kind. After a couple of hours…

22 October 2018
Japan 2018 Travel

Pilgrims in Kumano

We love to hike. More accurately, we are learning to love to hike, because we seem like the type of people who push ourselves that way, but somehow we only do it intermittently. And so, when friends told me that one of the best…

2 October 2018
Japan 2018 Travel

Kyoto Times

Sometimes, it rains in Japan. The past couple of weeks, it has become abundantly clear that it rains in Japan and that this causes problems. Thankfully, the only problem with the rain we encountered, was getting drenched. As true Northerners, we wouldn’t let it…

12 September 2018
Japan 2018 Travel

Hiroshima highlights

Getting to Hiroshima means getting on a train. In Japan. With Japanese lettering. Thankfully everything’s geared towards foreigners as well. Japanese hospitality providing us with Western-style letter, so we are able to find our train, find the spot where we have to wait for…

22 August 2018