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    Back to the Mother City

    At the end of 2011, I spent three magical months living in Cape Town. I lived with a wonderful host-family, worked at a human rights office (run by projects abroad) and spent many (MANY)…

    4 July 2018
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Fishriver canyon and Citrusdal

    Fishriver Canyon and Citrusdal The end of our trip is coming into sight. As much as we’ve dreaded this day, there is only one certainty in life, and that is that time will keep…

    12 June 2018
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Desert sunrise

    I love going to the ocean. We live near the sea and even in the dead of winter I make time to go there. There is something about the ceaseless push and pull of…

    3 March 2018
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Skydiving Swakopmund

    Some places warm your heart with their beauty. Others with the amazing street food, great museums or the people you meet there. And there are some places you will never forget for the incredible…

    27 February 2018
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    The desert is for dreaming

    I come from a very cold and wet and green country. The Dutch have reclaimed land for centuries, build canals, dykes and the best water management systems in the world. It’s resulted in many…

    14 February 2018
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    Etosha dreaming

    I love stories that come full circle. The way books like Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi or series like Gilmore Girls can find a way to connect the end to the beginning in astounding ways…

    5 February 2018
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Okavango delta obsessions

    Sometimes on the move, you meet people who intrigue you. You find yourself wondering what their lives are like. Where they came from. How they got to where you meet them. What they dream…

    26 January 2018