• Africa 2017 Travel

    Devil’s pool dreams

    Six years ago, I spent three months in Cape Town and fell in love with Africa. I always told myself I’d be back and this trip is me making good on that promise. After…

    23 December 2017
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Zambezi hippos

    “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”. As great as that classic Christmas song is, I have to disagree. Knowing these animals to be very territorial and aggressive is one thing, seeing it with your…

    16 December 2017
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Torrential rains and safaris

    Most people coming to any country in Africa come to see the wildlife. And we are no exception. So far, we’ve seen mostly birds and a few monkeys, but now, it is finally time…

    8 December 2017
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Lake Malawi

    When you look at the map of Malawi, the first thing you’ll notice is the massive lake right in the middle of the country. The lake is well known for the many fish and…

    2 December 2017
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Surviving long drive-days

    Overlanding consists of many things, but one thing is for sure. There are going to be days when you spent more time on the truck, than off. And in our case, early in our…

    1 December 2017
  • Africa 2017 Travel

    Time travelling

    Time can be a fickle friend. Ebbing and flowing in seemingly random ways that have nothing to do with the sixty minutes an hour contains. Stretching to infinity when you are waiting for an…

    20 November 2017